Thursday 151105

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Every minute on the minute for 10:00 complete:

2 Push Press + 1 Jerk

Work up in load as needed.


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Murph ready to go overhead today!

Here is Part 3 from Kris….

Part 3:Tactics or tactical thinking

What the hell!?  Why are you here? Why do you do these ridiculous workouts that leave you lying in a puddle of sweat… or are those tears? What is your purpose? Step back and really examine this. What about CrossFit gets you super stoked? Why suffer through these workouts? What keeps you coming back? Look for the reason behind the reasons. Is it something tied into your self worth? Does CrossFit help with your confidence at work? Does it help you battle some internal demon? Is your current why inspiring? Empowering? If not maybe you should re-examine it. Ask your fellow athletes. By talking to someone else about your purpose it will help you gain more clarity. As we discussed in part one, a powerful purpose will help you succeed when others fail.

PAY ATTENTION! Pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself, in your head or out loud. It can be useful to write down your thoughts from each WOD for a week and then go back and look at them. What sort of patterns are you seeing? Next, practice catching the thought during the WOD and being aware of it. By stepping back from it you can begin to program your self-talk towards what you want instead of away from what you don’t want. If you tell yourself not to miss another lift, your subconscious mind will reinforce the missed shot. What you resist, persists. This is referred to as negative hypnotic programming. Focus your dominant thought on what you do want. Which leads us to the next thing.

Something I work with my clients on is the practice of getting good at getting good. When you want to improve or learn something new, focus on what you did correctly or the small successes that are leading you towards your goal. The neurologist Dr. Rick Hanson describes our brains like Teflon for the good and velcro for the bad. We are hard wired to look for the negatives in our world. This helped our primal ancestors survive but creates a challenging scenario in today’s world. If you can really start to pay attention to all of the little positive experiences that you have during a WOD you can start to re-program your brain to change from focusing on what went wrong during the WOD to what went right. And remember, you get what you focus on. Do you want to clean that weight or continue to be pissed about it? The quickest way to truly learn a new behavior and hard wire it into your system is to consciously focus on the small successes of doing it along the way. After each WOD go back and examine the highlights and feel them emotionally. Spend 20-30 seconds doing this and really appreciate and feel the moments. For example I remember the coach coming by to give me feedback on my squat snatches during the last WOD. I had been struggling with form and was really focusing on the shrug part. I put it all together and did a really good one. She noticed it and gave me a great compliment on it. It felt great! So I purposefully remembered it afterwards and took 20-30 seconds to feel the movement and the associated emotion of doing it correctly. To learn a new movement or get better at something focus on the successes not the misses. Remember, by appreciating those positive experiences during the WOD you are slowly re-wiring your brain to focus on what you want. You’ll be amazed of the cumulative effect over time. Go through the WOD like a vacuum cleaner and suck up those experiences and consciously work on re-wiring your system for success. It will help you become more resilient to the bumps in the WOD’s and in life.

Let’s recap all three parts of this series. 1.Pay attention to how powerful your why really is. Can you tap into it during the Suck? 2. Pay attention to your internal dialog. What are you telling yourself? Are you reinforcing negative beliefs or are you focusing on what you want?  3. Pay attention to your thoughts. Get better at getting better and consciously re-wire your brain for success. Review and relive your successes after each WOD no matter how big or how small.

Now that you know some of this stuff what are you going to do with it? What would it be like for you to step into the rest of your life with this type of awareness?

Go out and practice embracing the suck in the WODs and in the rest of your life. Work on being the most powerful version of yourself possible every day.  Help make the world a better place by taking it up a level and teaching your fellow athletes the same. Pay it forward, smile, and embrace the suck.

Want to know more about what Kris does?

As a success coach, Kris specializes in helping the crossfit community optimize performance beyond the box through focused and purposeful lifestyle design to achieve a sense of balance and control between work, life, and passions.  His belief that life is not a dress rehearsal, we should live it to its fullest, and purposefully create the life of our dreams. This belief has fueled his world travels, exploration of foreign cultures, leadership success in a corporate environment, and helped to power the local businesses he’s worked with.

For a free 2 hour strategy session contact Kris at (linked fixed)

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  1. Glad you liked it Christine and Hoff!! Let me know if you guys or anyone else has any questions about that stuff. I find it totally fascinating. We’ll be posting more blogs like this in the future and are open to suggestions for topics.

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