Wednesday 151104

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Complete three 1:00 rounds for total reps of:

25′ Sled Push, 200#/135#

Stone to Shoulder, 95#/65#

25′ Kettlebell Farmer Carry, 70#/55#

Wall Balls, 30#/20#


Med Ball Sit-ups, 20#/14#


Ring Rows

1:00 Rest

2 athletes at each station, rotate on the minute but the clock doesn’t stop.


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Have you done your mobility this week??

Here is Part 2 from Kris….

Part 2: The power of self talk: What are you saying to yourself (or others)?

I have a confession to make. It drives me nuts and kills me when my fellow CrossFitters look at a WOD and say things like “this is going to suck” or “I’m going to be really slow on this one”.  What disempowering thoughts! Here’s that Henry Ford quote again “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you are probably right”.

So keeping this a simple as possible, here is how it works.  Your internal speak determines how you see the world. How you see your world determines your actions, and your actions determine your success. What?? If you change the way you see your world, your world will change.  Let’s look at it this way: same WOD, two different people. Person one sees Cindy and has the internal thoughts of “sweet! All of these reps will help me dial in my pull ups (he’s still doing them using a band) and I’ll do as many strict push ups as I can then modify, I got the squats.” Person two sees Cindy and thinks “uh oh! I hate pull-ups, I’m still using the bands, man, that’s a lot of pull-ups. And my push ups suck, didn’t we just do push ups two days ago?” At the end of it all who was more successful and got more out of it? Because person one saw the pull-ups completely differently than person two, their actions will be different. They might push to get one more because they are focused on perfecting their form to totally eliminate the need to modify with bands. You can see where this goes. Thoughts equal perceptions, perceptions lead to your actions, actions lead to your success or failure.

What are the predominant thoughts running through your head before, during, and after a WOD? And how can you take this beyond the box to the rest of your life? Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering and are you seeing the results that you really want? Remember, we have the power to change our world by changing our thoughts. Mmm….now there’s a thought.





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