Thursday 121122

Endurance Skills


4 x 200m

Rest 1:1. Keep the splits within 3-5 seconds.


Max double-unders


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:

5 broad jumps, 6'/4'

1 Handstand walk, 6'/4'

50m Sprint-to-backpedal

For the broad jumps and handstand walks, distance will be measured by covering 1 mat, using the long side for 6 feet or the short for 4 feet.

Photo Jun 26, 11 01 58 AM
Anja, thankful for all-out effort!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys and your families!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 121122”

  1. No one to trust, a traitor in their midst, fast-paced, trililhng, explosive. EVERYTHING we like in a book when we read a book together, my husband and I. Thanks for the drawing if it isn’t too late. I made a comment above but hadn’t mentioned specifically the trailer. It just made me want to read the book all the more.

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