Thursday 121025


High Bar Back Squat

7 x 2 @ 85% 1RM

Take 12:00 to get it done.


Complete 3 rounds of:

2:00 Max reps power clean, 75% 1RM

2:00 Max effort burpee box jumps, 30"/24"

1:00 Rest

Photo Oct 20, 9 38 39 AM
Dollie strong overhead!

Today we will do maximum reps of 2 movements in 2:00 blocks with a rest in between. These workouts are always a gut check. Think about the last time you did Fight Gone Bad. You just go balls out, rotate to the next movements when time is up, and so on until the round is done. Today will have a similar flavor, but it's only 2 movements but it's for 2 minutes each.

Here's what we ask of you today. Don't worry about the next round. Don't worry about the next movement. Pour yourself into it and see how far you can go. With the clean, don't just grip it and rip it. Take the time to set up right, to drive through the heels, hit the scoop and explode. Being efficient is being fast. For the burpee box jump, well those are a different story. Push yourself during these. Make sure you get a solid purchase on the top of the box with your feet, but no sooner that you open your hips at the top, you should be on the way back down, chest to the floor, ready to go again. Fight for every single rep knowing that the rest period is coming up. Then rinse and repeat. Get after it today and see what you can do!

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