Saturday 120616

Teamwork Saturday!

In teams of 2 complete:

3:00 Alternating rope climbs

Rest 5:00

300 Double-unders

150 Burpee over box jumps, 24"/18"

75 Clean and jerk, 165#/110#

While one partner is doing the work, the another will do a hold:

During doubles, wall sit w/ slam ball, 40#/30#

Burpee box jumps, deadlift hold w/ C&J weight

C&J, dead hang from pull-up bar

Photo May 25, 10 23 23 AM
Anja rocking some one-armed burpees!

Good luck to our own Wendy, David, Nick and Bennett competing in the Alpine CrossFit Legends competition this weekend. Go get 'em you guys. Represent!!

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