Tuesday 111206


Muscle-ups/Muscle-up Progression



Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand push-ups

8 Kettlebell swings, 70#/55#

Compare to 10/12/10, 1/3/11, 4/28/11

Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy was killed Sunday February 4th during combat operations in Iraq. Nate is survived by his wife, Mindi, and his infant son Parker.

On Saturday we usually complete the WOD in teams. Last Saturday we performed Team WOD 6 from the 2011 CrossFit Games. . It was a snowy day and we had 15 folks, which is less than a normal Saturday, but those who braved the weather were ready to work! The WOD was a chipper, and as the workout progressed, you couldn't move on to the next movement until the person in front of you completed that movement. As I briefed the WOD and went through the movements, I said there was one last movement required by everyone – to cheer on their teammates. So after the 50m sprint, the work wasn't done. The expectation was that athletes had to go help the rest of their team through.

That camaraderie is one of the most potent aspects of a CrossFit box. The fact that your friends are there next to you bringing you home is a huge boost. You are going to eek in an extra rep or 2 before dropping off the bar simply because everyone is watching and they're cheering you on. You're going to push harder. If you had the opportunity to watch any of the games coverage on ESPN this fall, did you notice what happened as each athlete finished a WOD in those final heats? They didn't start cleaning up their stuff, they didn't walk to the edge of the mats and start stretching, they didn't leave. They walked over to their fellow competitors still going at it and they gave them support. They cheered for the folks they were competing against because they get it. They're the best at what they do and they know how big a part of CrossFit that camaraderie is, even when there's $250K on the line.

Saturday's folks gave their all during the WOD, and then they all gave some more to help their friends finish. The vibe was unreal. You felt like it was a competition setting with all the support. I told the folks after the WOD that the vibe we had going needed to continue. We need to keep that going, because that's the good stuff. Sometimes it feels like we've lost a little of that since we moved to the bigger space and we've added some new faces, but it's easy to get back. After the WOD everybody was still amped and Donnie threw out a famous quote that was just right: "those that bleed together grow together." Summed it up nicely. This week when you're done with your WOD, stay out on the floor and help your friends finish. They'll thank you for it, and the next time you need that push to finish, you'll be paid back!   

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  1. That vibe is exactly what I love about Crossfit in general and Evolve Specifically. Its an intangible feeling that I have tried to describe to crossfit curious people. You have to just come in and feel it, and then you’ll be hooked!

  2. I think I felt that same vibe…… I had a very snowy and slick 3 hour drive to DENVER and then a 3 hour TEST to take when I got there. I arrived 2 minutes late, hurried into the lecture hall and barely was accepted into take the test (150+ were turned away due to being late). once I sat down I seriously felt like I had an entire crowd cheering for me, adrenaline kicked in and it was go time. The test went awesome. haven’t felt that good about a test in forever.

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