Monday 111205


Box squats

10 x 2 @ 60% 1RM


10 minute squat test

Kim in a strong overhead position!

Today's skill will be the 10 minute squat test which you may recognize from K Starr's first Mobility WOD episode. In fact, if you follow Mobility WOD, you know that they repeat the squat test every 30 days. You guys have heard us talk about how important it is to be comfortable in the full squat receiving position for the olympic lifts. There's lots of reason folks have a hard time down there: tight hips, poor ankle flexibility, shoulder issues…it's all related. So today we're going to spend some time in the bottom! As the seconds tick by, assess what's going on with your body and where things are getting rough. You might learn what areas you need to spend some time on and we can come up with a plan of action to make things better!


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  1. I’m a caricature of what I think my company wants me to be. It’s a part of your autosignature in Outlook to say “Thanks!” Guess what? Since you decided to include it in the 100 emails you send me a month, I’m actually deducting points every time I see it.

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