Thursday 110630



10 x 2


Death by Burpee

1 burpee the first minute,

2 burpees the second minute

3 burpees the third minute….

Until you can't get them all in!

I hope the guys who built the pull-up rig knew what they were doing!

The Huffington Post published a quick story on two research studies that conclude drinking diet soda has been linked to weight gain. The first study showed that folks who down diet soda have bigger waist circumferences than those who don't. Study #2 showed that the artificial sweetener aspartame in diet soda raised blood sugar in mice prone to diabetes. As with all studies, we certainly are only getting part of the story, but you guys knew that drinking diet soda can impact the body the same way that drinking regular soda can, right?

So what gives? Even though diet soda's "sweet" is of the artificial variety and not from sugar, when you drink it your body still tastes "sweet". That's all it takes to start the chain of events: sugary energy, enter some insulin, but what now? Insulin is there to help the body take up the sugar, remember? But there is no sugar. This is no bueno. Couple this with a lot of processed carbohydrates and the body's sensitivity to insulin is all out of whack. There's just too much insulin in the blood. You might recognize this as a symptom of pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and syndrome X.

The take away message is that just because it has "no" or "low" calories doesn't mean that it won't wreak havock on your nutrition!

10 thoughts on “Thursday 110630”

  1. I have noticed that when I’m drinking a lot of diet soda, I’m a lot hungrier and especially craving sweets/carbs of any kind. I think that when you taste the sweetness of the soda, it sends a message to your body that carbs are coming, but there aren’t any, so you crave them and end up eating the carbs your body didn’t get from the soda. I think Dr. Oz said that (not that I watch his show, very often), but it does make sense especially since I do have a harder time controlling my eating when I’m drinking diet sodas. I wish I could completely kick the habit, but I haven’t been successful yet!

  2. On a completely different note, congratulations to Jorge and Josh W. for getting job offers from PFA!
    On another completely different note, “death by” anything is never fun, so I’m ESPECIALLY excited that it’s by burpees.

  3. At the Whole9 seminar they talked about artificial sweeteners…stevia included…these sweeteners are MANY times sweeter than sugar…messing with our taste buds and signaling the insulin response at a greater rate. Unfortunately it does apply to stevia as well…

  4. Heck yeah Jill – congratulations 2 of PFAs newest firefighters, Jorge and Josh W.! Way to go fellas.
    And Jill, I had a wonderful diet soda habit. Fake sugary goodness! Now my go-to is black coffee which has filled that roll nicely. I have been known to fall off the waggon sometimes though!

  5. I, too, was 100% addicted to diet soda…but, haven’t had one now for almost 2 years! Like Jon, black coffee, as odd as is sounds, cures that craving! Now the thought of soda spikes my insulin levels…. 😉 I feel so much better….now, if I could only kick the ice cream addiction!!!

  6. There are new price tags at work that rank the nutritional value of products from 1-100 the closer to 100, the better. Soda is at 1 or 2, and diet is the same number. I have yet to see more than 10 items above 50….

  7. So The Husband is on a business trip, by the time he gets back in a few days I’ll have all these spceis and veggies ready to rock! We love Indian and Moroccan spceis. And the Cauli- Rice! I haven’t tried it yet, but seems like a great subs. for a Latina like moi. Thanks girl! I came to this site, bc of the citrus coconut cookies from Instagram. I just promise my son I’ll make some, so I’m ready to copy the recipe. Thanks so much!Barbara from Hong Kong

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