Saturday 101030


In 2 teams complete the following:

350 box jumps, 24"/18"

300 burpees

250 wall balls, 20#/18"

200 sit-ups

150 push press, 65#/45#

100 squats

Tire pull, 5 laps of the parking lot (as many team members pulling as you want)

Run 400m (together – as a team!)

All members of each team must complete at least 1 rep of each movement, how many reps are completed by each person are determined by the team. Each team member can only contribute 1 set of reps for each movement. For example, you can't be the first to go on box jumps, complete 30, then wait until everyone goes, then complete 10 more reps. This WOD will be about strategy. Will you go until you can't go anymore, or will you switch while you're still going strong?

Recovery is an important component of your training! Be sure to take it when you need it! Sax has it all to ensure adequate recovery during competition – comfy chair, a water bottle, a bottle of Gatorade to recharge the system (ok during competition, right?) and a cooler surely full of good, whole food. He also has the shade of a tent to keep him cool, and shades that make him look cool!

7 thoughts on “Saturday 101030”

  1. I won’t be there because I take my recovery seriously. Recovery from a food-coma that is. My tummy feels great, I have a smile on my face, and all is right with the world tonight! I’m hoping to be back on some sort of a wagon on Monday(ish). I learned a lot about myself and my nutrition during the Paleo Challenge, so I’m glad I did it. I plan to carry on some of the stuff, but I did learn that 100% Paleo all the time does not do any favors for my sanity, so that part has to go. Thanks for organizing that challenge because it forced me to examine my nutrition and stick to a healthier way of life for a longer period of time than I normally would.

  2. I realized this last month that an amazing change happened to me. After seeing my body fat percent drop by 9% and my weight increase by a pound—oh my gosh!!! I really thought I had myself “mostly” dialed in. SHOCK! I have so much to learn AND this is what I love about Crossfit……it’s always evolving…….around me and in me.
    I feel a little sad today knowing that I’m saying goodbye to some things in my life. Some things would be certain foods and certain people that aren’t supportive of the new things happening to me. I have known all along that these things didn’t really belong, but I thought they didn’t really make “that much” of a difference. 100% Paleo–not for me…..100% LactoPaleo, I’m all about it (I want that whole milk in my coffee in the morning–that’s all). I feel like a spokes person for Crossfit and Paleo. People who have known me for a while will ask, “What are you eating today? Can I try it?” and then I email them Sharla’s email (thank you forever for that life saving email!!!!). I look forward to more Paleo, more improved sports performance, and competiting in Crossfit competitions (oh yeah! +40 Masters Division–who would have thought I would get to be a master just by my age????)
    Crossfit and Paleo have shaken a portion of my belief system. Daily when I work with my struggling youth, I think about how I struggle through a certain WOD. If I can just get them to the 1/2 way point, then it will all be down hill from there. This is how I struggled with Paleo also. At the 15 day mark I evaluated what I was doing and why, then it seemed to breeze by after that point.
    Jon–thank you for pushing our limits and putting up with all the complaining and groaning knowing we all would be thanking you eternally for challenging our beliefs about food. I truely do see food mostly as fuel now and sometimes (rarely) an experience to be had.

  3. Well said Wendy!! You did great and look great!
    I agree, thank you Jon for pushing us all to try something VERY different for many of us and dealing w/ all the complaining. I know I’m grateful for the opportunity and the changes I made.
    Great Job EVERYONE!!!

  4. Thanks Wendy for introducing me to Crossfit and commiting to Paleo (even though I cheated a little). I feel the same way and I am also excited to experience new overall growth. Proud to be your husband!!

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