Sunday 101031

Rest Day!

Awesome jack-o-lantern by Ryan Garcia!

Saturday's full house!

Great WOD Saturday! There were a ton of folks who turned out and it was a blast. We didn't realize it at the time, but later in the day as we were putting the floor down in the new space we realized that Saturday's WOD was the last one in the original space. Fitting that so many people showed up and that it pushed many to their limits! Great job everyone!

4 thoughts on “Sunday 101031”

  1. Kinda sad to leave our cozy lil space, but super excited to see what the new place has in store for all of us. I’m sure more tears, cheers, new friends and an even bigger PR board. Maybe finally Neil will be impressed!!! We miss you Neil!
    Thank you Gene and Jon for your dedication to all of us!

  2. Thanks to everyone who came down to join in on the CrossFit 3000 inruugaal WOD!Due to the rain we did a modified Helen, subbing in 21 burpees for the run (punishing I know!!). Here are the results :Matt K 7:49 RXAmber 12:46 (Blue band, box jumps, 12kg)Carly 12:46 (Blue Band, 8kg)Andrew 8:54 (16kg)Liz 10:44 RXKelly 11:34 (12kg)Megan 11:02 RXLucy 11:08Paudie 12:17 (Ring Rows, 20kg)Lou 12:03 (Ring Rows)Chris K 12:25 (double pushups)Tristan 12:51 (20kg)Kat 12:03 (orange band, 12kg)Scott 16:35Brad 7:07 Apologies if we missed anyone, or if your scaling is slightly out ! Really great to have you all down here putting CrossFit 3000 through its paces! Check out the photo album on facebook!

  3. I am very interested in sirtatng crossfit and would like to know the approximate rate per month. Does this gym operate on a number of workouts per week rate or is there a defined amount? Is there a separate fee for the on-ramp sessions?Thanks for any info!Dan

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