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Complete every 4:00 for 12:00 (3 sets):

5 Back Squats

Increase the loads you used on 3/4/19.




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Every minute on the minute for 9:00 complete:

Minute 1: 15/12 Cal Row or Bike

Minute 2: 12 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges

Minute 3: Rest

You choose the weight for the walking lunges. If you chose to do 19.3 twice we will replace the lunges today so you don’t die.




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Let’s hear it for rows today!

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“Athletes: Nobody Is Entitled To Or Owed “RX”. It Is To Be Earned.”

This is the title of a piece made the rounds on the social medias last week. For use we wholeheartedly agree! We don’t hear too many complaints about difficult WODs where not many folks RX, and that says a lot about the mindset of our gym community. However, it can be good for us to be reminded of keeping a good perspective from time to time. 


Perspective: If you’ve been in CrossFit as a sport and community for a significant amount of time, you remember when being able to “RX” a WOD was an aspirational goal, not a default expectation.

Early on, most of us scaled most of the workouts, most of the time. We would knock out the @crossfit “Mainsite” or “Mothership” WOD to the best of our ability, and then our load/time/reps/rounds would “Post to comments” on crossfit.com, with what scales or substitutions we used to preserve the intent of the programming.

In 2006/2007 it was not uncommon that a higher skill or heavier load WOD would have LITERAL handful of fire breathers earn the right to post “RX” next to their score.

Being able to RX specific Girl and Hero WODs were goals that guided much of the fitness journey for significant amounts of time. I spent years working toward my goals of RX “Isabel”, “Nate”, and “Nasty Girls”.

As a coach and affiliate owner, I have absolutely heard the groans of an RX piece of programming being “too hard” many times.

On the interwebz I have certainly read and continue to read complaints of the same nature.

Change your perspective.

If the RX isn’t considerably difficult, how are we supposed to forge elite fitness as a community?

If everybody can do everything as RX, then it’s not special. It has no sense of achievement or accomplishment. Nobody is forced to set goals. Nobody has a higher level of fitness to work to.

Part of what drew me to CrossFit was that there was no limit, no plateau. There was always something to work on and reach for.

There’s no shame in the scaling game, it’s part of the journey.

No achievement of significance is ever easy. And when you reach it, you’ll be glad it wasn’t.

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