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3 Stop Clean Pull + High Hang Clean

Keep the load light and dial in form for the WOD. The stopping positions are 1" off the floor, above the knees, and mid-thigh/pockets. Pause 3 seconds at each stop, then clean from the mid-thigh position.


The Clean and Jerk Efficiency Test

Every  minute on the minute for 5:00:

2 Clean and Jerks, 80% 1RM

Then when the clock hits 5:00, as many reps as possible in 2:00 of:

Clean and Jerk, 80% 1RM

This is the Outlaw Way test just like the Snatch Efficiency Test we did last Thursday. Check out that post if you want to read up on why we're doing this. Don't bag today, this is a good indicator of where you're at for the C&J!

Photo Sep 09, 6 54 26 PM
Drew leading by example…mobilize that shite!

There is a competiton (or 4 competitions) pretty much every weekend anymore. As our friend Keane said last week "remember when competitions were occasional, huge, and packed. Now it's just called Saturday." I thought that was funny, and true. It can be hard to keep up with them all, and it can be equally hard to keep track of our folks who are throwing down. On the big ones where a whole crew of us goes, it's easy. But sometimes, a few of our folks will sign up for a smaller comp, go down to Denver, crush it, and we don't even know about it. Usually we will find out though!

On Saturday, Andrew finished 8th of 48 guys at the Benchmark Brawl, PR'd his clean, and PR'd his Grace time!

Also on Saturday Taylor N and Ashley teamed up for the RX Dash N Bash and ended up finishing 3rd in their division! 

Awesome work by all! Speaking of competition, there are lots of you guys who are starting to sign up for events. Some just do it to have a little fun, some have their sights set on being really competitve. Either way, the reality is that preparation needs to occur in order to perform our best. When you start trying to compete, there are things to consider. Working on weaknesses, strengthening strengths, nutrition, recovery, the posibility of training multiple times per day, tapering…the list goes on and on. 

On Wednesday October 16th at 7PM we're going to host a Competitors Talk at Evolve. The purpose is to give you some things to think about if you currently are, or plan to at some point, compete in the sport of CrossFit. Coaches and athletes who have experience competing will share what's worked for them as well as what hasn't. You'll see is there isn't one right way to approach this subject. 

We have four 4 person teams headed to the Turkey Challenge as well as several individuals, there are three 2 person teams headed to the Monster Mash, we are in the process of finalizing our 10 person Conquer Team, and there are tons of fun events between now and the Open. We think this is the perfect time to dive into the subject and we hope to see you there!

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