Friday 131011


Power Clean

5 x 5 

Add weight from last week.


Complete 4 rounds for time of:

5 Bar muscle-ups (sub chest-to-bar pull-ups)

10 Pistols, alternating legs

50 Double-unders

Photo Sep 09, 6 47 32 PM
Rochelle getting after some bent rows!

Yesterday and last Thursday you guys completed the Outlaw Efficiency Test for the snatch and clean and jerk. At the end of it, you had a number that was the number of completed lifts versus the number of attempts. This number can tell you a couple of things. If the 1RM that you based the 80% off of is current and represents where you're at, then the number will show you how efficiently you lift sub-max loads, especially as fatigue sets in. If your number was 24/24, indicating that you didn't miss at all and in the final 2 minutes you completed 14 reps, then chances are you need to re-test your 1RM because the number you based the 80% off of is way too low. 

If you had some misses, think about why they occured. When you got tired were you slowing down getting under the bar? Did you stop getting low during the jerk? Did you start to fail standing up out of the clean? Taking some time to think about this might reveal some specific areas to work on. 

We know that weightlifting puts a premium on technique. This is a cool way to assess your technique without working up to a 1RM. We hoped you enjoyed it!

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