Tuesday 120410


10 x 2 Good Mornings

Use 55% of your strict press 1 rep max. Rest :45 between sets.


Complete for time:

Row 1000m

50 Squats

Run 1000m

50 Double unders

For the run, you'll hit our standard 800m route, then an additional parking lot lap to finish it up!

Photo Apr 07, 9 40 09 AM
Michelle won't let a boot keep her from oly lifts!

This week we've left the mainsite programming behind to see what Garcia has in store for us. Today you'll see the return of dynamic effort strength days. Do you remember what the name of the game is on dynamic effort days? I know I just heard a collective "speed" from everyone reading this! Remember, the weight is light so you can move it fast. Here's what Louie Simmons says about it:

Let’s look at the purpose of the dynamic method, or training with submaximal weights with maximal speed. This system builds a fast rate of force development. With bands and chains added, it teaches one to accelerate and reduce bar deceleration. With the lighter weights, one can control and perfect form.

Go fast with perfect form and get after it!

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