Thursday 110922



Who's getting their first one today?


Complete for time:

Run 1 mile

100 sit-ups

Run 1 mile

Most carry the plate on their shoulder or behing their neck during a plate run. Not Larry, he carries that thing like a football and hauls arse. Guess what else he does….

Big Larry competed in the 2011 Colorado Cop Fit Challenge. The event included 1:00 rounds of:

Tire sledge, 20m shuttle run, 20m farmers carry, 70#, Heavy bag kicks, sit-ups, box jumps, squats, Tire flips, and dummy body slams.

Larry finished 4th out of 30 with a total score of 434 reps. Way to represent! Larry's been hitting it hard and was well-prepared for this event. He was also happy because by training with the range of motion standards at Evolve he was more than ready to accumulate reps using the event's standards. Below is a video that shows the events. Strong work Larry!


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