Thursday 110421


Overhead KB Squats

3 x 7 (each arm)


GI Jane

Complete for time:

100 burpee pull-ups

Compare it to 101008!

Drew owning the overhead squats of 11.4!

Do you guys ever check out the websites of other CF boxes? With a little surfing you can find some great sites worthy of joining the ranks of your bookmarks. Hidden gems with thinks like cool WODs you haven't heard of, info on nutrition, wellness, funny stories, articles, links, etc.

You guys know that we love sharing your stuff with the world. Well, more accurately, the 4 people who check out our website. This Saturday one of our old friends Juli came by to throw down 11.4. When Juli left Evolve, she headed down to the Denver area to take on a couple of projects, one of which is coordinating the newly established CrossFit program at the Denver Athletic Club, better known as 1884 CrossFit (trivia – 1884 was the year the DAC started. Now that's a gym that's been around for a little while!). She's maintaining the website for 1884 and has been putting a ton of great information on there. Take a second and check it out. Juli's done a great job of posting articles, videos, links to other gyms, and of course, their WODs. It's worth your time!

2 thoughts on “Thursday 110421”

  1. Oh my gosh you are kind Jon!! Thanks so much for the post, i’m excited some of my Evolve friends can check it out 🙂 miss you guys already and can’t wait to come up again!! Kill WOD 11.5 everyone, show the world what you’re made of!

  2. I’d like to say I tape. And it works. And it’s great! Some people like gloevs. Some people tape. Some people don’t do anything and it works for them. Who cares. CrossFit is for everyone who wants to try it. Why be an asshole about what one chooses for their hands? Will you also flip shit on socks? Damn, because we all know some people bang shins on Deadlift’s and tear their leg’s on rope climbs. Let’s flip out more

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