Thursday 110224


Back squat

1 – 10 – 1 – 20 – 1 -30


For time complete:

150 ball slams

For this movement the med ball will begin over the head. You will bring the ball to ground allowing a slight bounce at which point you catch it and return to the overhead position for the next rep. If you have any questions as to the difficulty of this movement, talk to any of the competitors from the Colorado Open last year!

Donnie came up with an efficient way to shake out his arms during the overhead walking lunges! 

The write-up below is from David T. He and Wendy have been a great presence in the box since they arrived. David shared this story with us the other day and we imediately asked him to share it with all of you, which he graciously did. The good that you are doing for yourselves by working hard in the gym and dialing in your nutrition can't be overstated!

Fellow CrossFit Evolvers,

For the past few years I have kept track of my cholesterol levels only to watch my total cholesterol count creep up to 230.  At that point, my doctor recommended I take Niacin to obtain more desirable results.   So I tried his recommendation for a while with no significant impact.  I feared I was destined to go down the road of generations before me.  You know the story… taking a hand full of pills every day keeping my pill collection in one of those “handy” pill dispenser for all the days of the week.  I refused to take more medication and started my battle against high cholesterol.

The first thing I did was to exercise a little more and try to eat better.  My exercise included cycling most of last summer paired with a diet of less red meat and more vegetables.  Then once again, last fall, I had my cholesterol checked and was amazed to see results.  My total cholesterol count dropped to 199.  Yeah!!!

Around this time I joined CrossFit Evolve.  After the first month of my membership, Evolve kicked off the”30 day Paleo Diet challenge”.  My wife Wendy and I participated in the challenge which seemed like a holistic experience for both of us.  All along, we thought we had a good diet only to be faced with the realization that we were not eating “truly” clean.  Once the challenge was done, I settled into about 80% clean eating.  Feeling comfortable with the way we were eating, I was excited to get my blood tested again.  So last week I had a Lipid Panel done on my blood and was astonished with the results!  I had successfully, without drugs or dietary supplements reduced my total cholesterol count to 176!

Here’s the breakdown.

May 2010:  Triglycerides 313, HDL 29, LDL 139, Total Cholesterol Count 230.

Sept.2010:  Triglycerides 107, HDL 42, LDL 136, Total Cholesterol Count 199.

Feb. 2011:  Triglycerides 88, HDL 41, LDL 118, Total Cholesterol Count 176.

Thank you CF-EV for helping me “say nope to dope”.  The medical industry is full of lies….. Beware!

8 thoughts on “Thursday 110224”

  1. Holy Crow David!!! Amazing:). Great job working so hard to the healthiest you can be and an amazing example for your boys & all of us:). Awesome Job!

  2. That is great David! Too bad you can’t put out a commericial against the drug companies. You and Wendy are great and are very motivating to me. Keep it up!

  3. CONGRATS DAVID! What an accomplishment, you should be do proud! I am so glad I get to wod with you and Wendy. You both are awesome!

  4. CONGRATS DAVID! What an accomplishment, you should be do proud! I am so glad I get to wod with you and Wendy. You both are awesome!

  5. I think this article was seecrtly a sweet start to a potential series of write ups about this topic. A lot of bloggers pretend to understand what they’re talking about when it comes to this stuff and generally, nearly no one actually get it. You seem to understand it though, so I think you ought to run with it. Thank you!

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