Thursday 100819


Snatch/ground to overhead



3 rounds for time of:

10 reps ground to overhead, 95#/65#

200 yard shuttle sprint (down and back)

Post time to comments.


Warren G!

Just a few things to mention to everyone:

As you likely saw the WOD for Saturday has been canceled. The majority of you will be getting yours at the Warrior Dash this weekend! There are tons of Evolve athletes heading up. If you are looking for a ride or have a spot to offer, please post to comments. Trade phone numbers and we'll all meet up there. And if you're staying at Copper for the race, don't forget you get to go to the Rev. Horton Heat show for free!!!

For those who don't know, Windy will be heading out for some field work up north for a couple of months. Windy has been great in the gym and we'll miss her positive vibe! Good luck Windy and hurry back!

You may see some new faces around. With folks changing WOD times we've witnessed athletes who have been at Evolve for months meeting for the first time this week. We also have several new athletes – welcome Tim, Rachel, Shawn, Garry, Jeremy, Kevin, Meghan, and Abe. If you see a new face in the box, please introduce yourself and welcome them to the family! We'd hate to have to start the "burpees for lack of introducing yourself to new athletes" policy that many other gyms have instituted!

9 thoughts on “Thursday 100819”

  1. Best of luck to you Windy! You showed amazing improvement during your time with Evolve! Hurry back!
    Welcome to all of the new athletes, I am terrible with names and faces so I may have to introduce myself a few times before I finally remember, but either way glad to have you all!
    Can’t wait for the Warrior Dash! Had a few people ask me if I heard anything about what to bring/what to wear…so I figured I would post here for all to see.
    2 of my buddies have already done the dash and both said it was hands down the best race they have ever ran!
    The only recommendations they had were to wear good supportive shoes, one even recommended cleats because he said it got super slippery in some spots and that was a discouraging part for him.
    My other buddy said keep clothing tight, or minimal because once you get it muddy, the looser the clothing is, the more annoying and almost smothering it can be. (so yes, this means I will NOT be wearing a hoodie)
    Other than wardrobe tips they said the obstacles really weren’t that bad at all…and almost too easy…they both agreed that sometimes the spacing among racers was a problem, but for the most part everything worked out.
    I am not sure what my plans for the race are, probably will drive up the morning of since I don’t run until 4pm.
    Not sure if I will stay out there or not, kinda leaning towards coming back after the race so if someone needs a ride up in the morning or a ride back in the evening let me know!

  2. Welcome new athletes, can’t wait to meet you all.
    Windy, so sad to see you go. We didn’t even get to give you a proper send off:(. We hope to see you back at the box again soon!
    Ryan & no hoodie? What??? We’ll probably not even recognize you. Kidding, you’ll be the one kicking everyone’s a@$!
    Sounds like it will be a big Evolve party- I like it!! Good luck to everyone running this weekend, lil Gino & I will be cheering you all on!

  3. Windy, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you, and we hope you make it back to the Fort soon!
    Ryan, if you’re not going to wear a hoodie, how will you stay warm in this 90+ degree weather? Maybe you should at least wear a tight long-sleeved Under Armor shirt under your t-shirt…just in case.

  4. Good luck to you all at the warior dash this weekend. Cannot wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.
    Windy I will miss you not at the 5 pm wod. You were an awesome partner and did push me to get better. So thanks. Come back soon. I will try to PR for you next back squats!!!

  5. I got into the COLORADO OPEN!!!!!!!!!
    If your on the waiting list, CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!!!
    I’m stoked and ready to represent CROSSFIT EVOLVE!!!!! Whooo!!!!! We’re gonna take this state by storm.

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