Wednesday 100818





5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

Go for a new PR!!!


Carl and Tyson bonding!

If you watched much of the CrossFit games, then you may have caught the pistols performed as part of one of the affiliate team and individual WODs. Pistols are 1-legged squats and as you can imagine, they require not only strength but balance. If they sound hard, they are, but worry not! There are numerous progressions that can be used to work your way up to a pistol. Some of these include the following:

Single leg step-ups onto a box

Assisted – holding onto the pull-up frame or bands

Counter weights – hold a dumbell in front to counter falling backwards

Today we're going to work through some of these progressions. 

For some great reading on pistols, check this article out from Power Athletes Magazine:

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  1. ACTUALLY we are working on our own variation of the quarterback option…Carl is just such a beast among men that a football is not good enough for him…and he has yet to lateral.

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