Saturday 100717

Jenn's Birthday WOD!

2 teams will complete the following pacer workout:

Sandbag carry, 200'/150'

Lateral parallette jumps

Kettlebell swings, 55#/35#

Burpees (Jenn's favorite!!!)

Athletes will be broken in to 2 teams and will go head to head. The pace will be set by the sandbag carry. We'll go over the rotation tomorrow!


Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways Keane.

The 2010 CrossFit games started today with the individual competition starting tonight. The first WOD: 9 – 7 – 5 of muscle-ups and squat snatch, 135#/95#. It's being streamed live in HD for free. Tune in to watch some of these events this weekend and find your inspiration!

13 thoughts on “Saturday 100717”

  1. Happy Bday Jenn!! Inverted burpees sounds awesome! I love those things! This wod looks fun, i hope its a big group tomorrow!
    Games were amazing to watch today, Spealler is such an animal, i was in awe.

  2. Gene and Jon, that is a perfect example of why I have tried to tone down the trash-talking on here…it only leads to retaliation.

  3. Happy Birthday Jenn!!!! Hope the WOD was awesome, and you have a wonderful day! Enjoy the weather!!! 🙂

  4. try to go back to sleep. I just watched TV and veeggd in bed for a few hours. Drank my coffee and blogged/vlogged (though I need to update it that post is a mess! lol) and finally got ready to get down to

  5. My team is just Team 10. We don’t need any labels and cearnitly it’s not team t. that’s what Josh thought funny, I guess.Even with Eric not doing the workouts (nope, still not over it), we’re in 2nd place. Not talking smack, just sayin’.Did Ron really name his team after himself? And then not show up to workouts??? Team No Show? Sad. So sad. So much for all that Semper First on the Beach stuff.

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