Friday 100716



5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


12 rounds for time of:

10 sit-ups

10 pull-ups

Sit ups will be done on the ab mats with the soles of the feet together. Post time to comments.

Wendy, one of Evolve's new athletes, goes overhead!

Scaling Up

One of the beautiful things about CrossFit is that it is scaleable. By modifying the weights or the movements, it allows everyone to perform the WODs – the programming is accessible to everyone. A lot of times when we think of loads or reps being "scaleable", we think of lowering them – reducing the weight or bringing down the reps. In our box, and likely the majority of others, this is typically how it goes. Newer athletes wouldn't or shouldn't expect to just jump in and be performing the movements they've just learned at the prescribed weight. We work up to it. How many times have we said range of motion, technique, THEN intensity?!

But it can also go the other way. We have some very strong athletes, and on occasion, they will walk in, see the prescribed weight, and think "that's way, WAY light". So what to do? Well sometimes the right thing to do is to scale up. Although not as common as scaling down, it's OK to do. A great example is the split-jerk WOD the other day. That was the very first WOD that incorporated the split-jerk in our box. We chose high reps and low weight to give folks an opportunity to get comfortable with the movement. But for those of you with some backgorund with the split-jerk, that weight was pretty light. Consider scaling up when situations like this occur. The important thing is to consider the purpose of the WOD – is it a met-con burner or is it trending more towards a heavy strength WOD? Talk to your coaches and see what they think, but keep that option in mind. It's a totally different experience to scale up a WOD you're familiar with and it will bring an entirely different response. Constantly varied!

18 thoughts on “Friday 100716”

  1. Gene, i was just looking through the pictures of this years sectionals and saw you in the background judging, you BA you!

  2. Its going to be wonderful Jill!
    And Jon, there are so many pictures of you cheering in one of the Sectionals albums lol i love it, i can hear your voice now haha

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that my butt and hands made it through relatively unscathed…I know you were all worried.

  4. Haha mine were not as lucky as your Jill, taking a shower was painful for the first 5 min, and my hands have slowly started to fill up with blisters, lovely 🙂

  5. First wod in individual event is a couplet of 9-7-5 muscle ups and squat snatch (135/95). ouch, seriously ouch

  6. I didnt really push this bc can’t risk dpinporg the weights at my gym. I faked myself out at 102 and got only 1 rep. Still sad bc pre injury PCs were up in the 120sWODL 4 rd + 2 pp; 67lb for the PC/PP. Knee PU. This wasted my upper body.

  7. George Diff- – Did the Murph today and looks like I will be doing this one every morning at 6am if anoyne wants to join me. Yeah right f that noise. I am broken.

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