Saturday 120609

Teamwork Saturday!

In teams of 3 complete the following:

5:00 Back Squat 135#/95#

Run 200m

5:00 Push Press 75#/55#

Run 200m

5:00 Deadlift 155#/115#

Run 200m

5:00 Front Squat 95#/65#

Run 200m

Score will be total reps performed for each of the movements. Loads will have to be changed on the go, so thoughtful planning will be a plus!

Photo Apr 25, 6 54 57 PM
The chin is definitely over!

1 thought on “Saturday 120609”

  1. Max effort Squat singels225/245/265/285/295/305/315Billy the TuffSafety note: when you are sooo excited that you got the max rep completed, DONT scream in joy and let the bar fall off your back. You could hurt yourself…….KATIE!!!!!!!!

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