Saturday 111008

Saturday Teamwork!

As an individual or in teams of 2 complete:

300 foot stone carry

10 wall climbs

20 turkish get-ups, 35#/25#

30 50-foot sprints

40 pull-ups

50 wall balls, 20#/14#

60 cal row

70 tire sledges

80 sit-ups

90 lateral bar jumps

100 ground to overhead, 95#/65#

300 foot stone carry

Every minute on the minute perform 3 burpees.

Cody getting high on the rings!

Just as a reminder, the CF Evolve man-date is 6pm on Sunday at Buffalo Wild Wings at Harmony and College. Paleo beer, paleo wings, and football. Eat your hearts out ladies!!!!

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  1. Our daughter and son-in-law are conscientious about offering three full meals each day with snacks. It is amazing to witness the change in behavior if/when we’re a bit late with snacks, especially for our grandson: less helpful behaviors begin to ramp up. Within minutes of consuming the needed snack (cheese, nuts, cooked grains–brown rice, couscous, etc) his jovial, playful self returns.

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