Thursday 100902


Walking on hands

Complete 5 lengths of the gym on your hands. It can be freestanding with as many starts and stops as you need. If you don't have handstands yet, partner up and assist each other!


21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3

Hang power cleans, 135#/95#


Post time to comments.


August PR board – nice work everyone!!!

Here's a commercial broadcast during the 2010 Games. True? Post your thoughts!



5 thoughts on “Thursday 100902”

  1. I think that vidoe is awesome, it truly represents crossfit evolve wll. We ARE a family, and like it has been talked about a lot lately, everyone has days when you have it and others you don’t. However, there is a ton of support from everyone to et you through it. The last couple of WODs for me I know that I would have not made it through without the support from my fellow wods, they have kicked my butt hard, but I am learning to embrace the SUCK well!!!

  2. sorry about the mispelled words, However I cught my self Jill and Shar. wll should be well. et should be get, wods should be woders, if that is even a word. it is way too early this am.

  3. Also, “cught” should be caught, and we’ll work on capitalization next time. Just kidding. I really only enjoy giving Gene and Jon a hard time because they make it so easy, and it really annoys them.

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