Saturday 100904


Today will be a pacer workout – details will be provided on arrival (this doesn't always mean it's going to be scary)!


Garcia pounding out the lateral burpees during WOD#4.

Because Monday is Labor Day we'll only be holding WODs during the 9am and 10am times. Come in and get some work done so you can enjoy your BBQ guilt-free!!!


"Aligning the hips, shoulders and barbell over the base of support (left image) is stronger than with exaggerated lumbar extension (right image)." –

Today during the press we made several corrections on athletes regarding over-extension of the lumbar spine. As we discussed, if we overextend, we leave a void under the weight. What we aim for is a solid foundation from the heels to hips to shoulders to bar, right? This picture is a great example of what we're shooting for. Everyone was able to make the correction on cue with minimal difficulty. Keep this body position in mind anytime the bar goes overhead!

12 thoughts on “Saturday 100904”

  1. I wish we could be there today. This was the same workout Trisha nd I did for the first time. I quit in the middle and know now that I would never let that happen again. Good luck to you all and have a great weekend. Rest!!

  2. Actually Todd, along the same lined but not the same. Kendra, Charlotte, Kelley and Katie rocked it w/ 4 rounds: Pace setter was 500m row, with rope climbs, tire flipping and wall climbs….. These girls were AMAZING. Turned out to be 40min+ WOD and they were bleeding, scrapped and super dirty at the end. Photos to follow soon on FB. What a great workout ladies!!!
    Ryan, these ladies even used the SPIDER TIRE, can you believe it? Charlotte ended up taking him out on one of the rounds. After his long ride in the tire he finally baled and was smashed!

  3. Wish I could have been there, those facebook pictures are sweet. I hope everybody is recovering by watching Notre Dame beat Purdue. Sorry Austin.

  4. Yes, I recovered by watching ND win!! The bruises are getting bigger and darker by the hour but it was a lot of fun getting them. I made it to the top of the rope for the first time!!

  5. Great job Katie, all 4 of you inspired me with your bravery and effort to try some new things today.
    Neil, we maxed out on Fri and I reminded everyone that you are still watching and that their skin would burn if they walked out the door without putting their PR up. It’s not the same without you bro!

  6. The bar for the lateral burpees was only like 6 inches off the ground…. I think Ryan has been practicing his box jumps too much! Nice vertical Ryan! Haha.

  7. Haha it felt like I had concrete blocks on my feet so I was playin it safe…I am really not that high either…the tucking of the legs just creates that illusion haha

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