Saturday 100814


The United States Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test (CFT)

Event 1 – Movement to Contact (MTC) – 880 yard run

Event 2 – Ammunition Lift (AM) – As many reps as possible in 2 minutes of ammo can lifts from shoulder to overhead, 30#

Event 3 – Maneuver Under Fire (MANFU) – 300 yard shuttle run including crawls, buddy carries/drags, ammunition re-suply, grenade throw, and agility running


Today Staff Seargeant Ryan Garcia wil run us through the USMC CFT! This will be a really great opportunity to go through a fitness assessment performed by those who keep our country safe! As with everything, all movements are scaleable. You have no reason not to come out and play! See you there!

10 thoughts on “Saturday 100814”

  1. Oh Jon, now you too will have to send your posts to Jill for proof reading:) We even talked about this today!
    This WOD sounds “fun!”.

  2. Shar, are you referring to “Seargeant”, “re-suply”, or something else? The guys just can’t catch a break, and I’m starting to feel a little bad. Just a little. We could put their posts to good use in my classroom for my students to edit. We can play “Are You Smarter than a 4th Grader?”

  3. I just noticed “wil” too. I think I need to stop reading like a proof-reader, and I just need to accept it. They might start to resent me and point out every little mistake I make in the gym (or big ones as the case may be), so I’ll leave it alone. 🙂

  4. LOL!!!! I was talking about the “wil” but I see what you mean. I should watch myself too. I just thought you’d get a kick out of this especially after our conversation today! 🙂

  5. Gino and I decided to team up and he proofred this post before I put it up. We were pretty sure we caught it all but looks like we missed some. We’ll start sending it to you guys first!

  6. Alright, I took the high road and accepted Jill’s offer to proofread my post. Here is what I sent her:
    “Jill, I tend to buc the cystem! I don’t chosee to folow the rhules laid out by the MAN. Words kan be spelled mani differant ways, as long as the reeader ynderstands the entent. It’is like geting dressed in the morning. Sone put there shirt on first and some their pamts. In the end they are clotheded. Now if the reader is anal or a teacher, then this might bother them, and I say all the better!”
    This is what I got back from Jill:
    I am so sorry that I haven’t been respectful of all the hard work my teachers put in to teaching me to read, write, and speak properly. Every time I don’t check my work for correct capitalization, grammar, and spelling, I am making them feel like failures. I may not be the best speller in the world, but I do have access to online dictionaries and spell check, so it really boils down to laziness. I promise I will reread my writing before posting it up on my business website, and I will utilize sites like for spell-check purposes. What would I do without friends like you to point out the error of my ways and lead me down the path to enlightenment?
    I am forever in your debt,
    Now, I know i can’t spell to save my life but I think Jill’s reading and comprehension needs some work!

  7. Great WOD today I hope all who attended had fun. Ryan you did an excellent job not only in the setup of the WOD but coaching everyone through it safely. It was nice to get out of the box, no pun intended, and enjoy the great weather. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  8. GamesLab: Active recovery day. 30-60 min at 70% HR any modailty. If you’re feeling good add some basic gymnastics in, pushups, pullups, etc. Tomorrow is Olympic Weightlifting with Coach Chiu which will end with some max effort squat double and OHS x 20. Then gymnastics and do tomorrow’s’s WOD but sub heavy KB Swings (2pood, 1.5) for the med ball cleans. Friday’s a rest day, Saturday we go hard. We’ve got 2 more weeks of overload and then volume will start to back off. I’d like to have a team meeting on Saturday and would also like your feedback on the most convenient time to train on Saturday’s. I’m open to doing an earlier AM session for the next 5 weeks for the team.

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