Saturday 100605

Teamwork WOD!

Athletes will split into 2 teams and complete the following for time:

400 meter sandbag carry

150 parallette pass-throughs

150 squats

200-foot tire drag

150 wall-balls, 20#/14#

150 sit-ups

400 meter o-bar carry, 65#

All members of the team will work together on the sandbag carry, tire drag, and o-bar carry. Team members will need to work together to figure out the most efficient way to get the work done. For the pass throughs, wall balls, and sit-ups only 1 team member may work at a time and reps are cumulative. Again, teams will need to figure the best way to get the work done efficiently. The theme of the day is teamwork!


Sarah R. in the middle of the deadlift/sit-up/KB WOD!

Here's a great video showing what comes after double unders are mastered…



9 thoughts on “Saturday 100605”

  1. i love this video!! my boyfriend jon showed me this one when i first start crossfit and that was the main reason i start to jump rope so much! he’s incredible

  2. Haha, Gene beat me to the punch about Tyson being able to do that! I have told Tyson I can only dream of having double unders as smooth as his.
    Another day in Canada, another crossfit gym in the books!
    I went to check out Crossfit Markham today, and set a PR!
    We did Helen today, and I finished in 8:39! I think my last time was in the 10’s. Felt really good!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. @ Crossfit Nasti yesterday, Friday
    Part 1:
    Back squat, on 14in box 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1(+) @ 95%
    Part 2:
    Eight rounds for total reps of:
    :20 jump switch lunges
    :10 rest
    :20 sit-ups, AbMat
    :10 rest
    Don’t worry Gino & Jon, they are getting me to new depths on the squat!
    I got 145lbs 2x on the box squats!
    Also, I did 2 kipping pull-ups consecutively!
    I miss our box tho!
    1 good thing they have at Nasti: Atlas machines- they hurt! : )

  4. That is cool as hell Ryan and Jon. It is always fun checking out other affiliates. Keep up the great work!

  5. Nice! I’m loving the reports from the road. Keep up the good work fellas, can’t wait for you to get back home!

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