Power = Intensity

Great news – we've negotiated the details and received the lease in the mail for our spot. Our lawyer will be reviewing it this week. As it stands we'll take possesion of the space on March 1st, a few weeks will be spent on a little remodel and paint, and then we'll get going – finally! Stay tuned for more updates – it's getting closer! 


One of the main points of CrossFit is that intensity is what brings the good shit. Intensity can get you whatever you're looking for out of a fitness program: decreased fat, increased strength, increased power, etc. In order to bring the intensity, we use a stopwatch to gauge how fast we're going. The faster the time, the more power is produced, and the greater the intensity. Intensity brings fitness. Intensity also brings something else - discomfort. We'll talk about discomfort at another time!

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