Kids: General Guidelines

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It should be prioritized that kids attend all classes scheduled in the six week cycle as the programming will be planned as a continues progression. We recommend that participation in CrossFit Kids be maintained even during sport season.

Letter to Parents

Here is a Letter to Parents of kids participating in the CrossFit Evolve Kids program. It provides some helpful information that will be important for you to know before the Kids program begins.


Please fill out our waiver and bring it to the first class.

Emergency Contact Card

Please fill out our Emergency Contact Card and bring it to the first class.


Every child must bring a water bottle to training and there will be mandatory water breaks during practice.


Kids must wear appropriate athletic clothing and athletic shoes (flat are preferred).

No jewelry or belts can be worn.

No tank tops in pre-teen/teen class



Drop-off / Pick-ups

Only people listed on the Emergency Contact Card (hyperlink) will be allowed to pick up a child. Every child must ‘check out’ with a coach before they leave.


Parents are allowed to stay during any CrossFit Kids or CrossFit Pre-Teen/Teen class as long as they stay in the lounge area from where no yelling or coaching is allowed.


Every child enrolled in the CrossFit Pre-Teen/Teen must bring homework to class as there will be set time in the end of the class to do homework. Read more about why and the benefits in the article Will CrossFit Make American Kids Smarter?

Age Limits

Coaches will determine when a child is ready to move from the Kids program to the pre-teen/teen program. This will differ for each child and the age limits set for each program are simply a guideline. When a child is ready to move on to the next class, and the coaches deem the child mentally, physically, and emotionally ready, the coaches will advise the parents, and the child may then attend the new class.

There are three primary elements that are evaluated in the child to make a step from one class to another: maturity, safety, and ability (in some cases physical size can be a factor). The goal is to take children from the Kids class to pre-teen/teen and then into the adult CrossFit classes. Age limits aside, moving from one class to another is based primarily upon ability to fit within the class, not the age of the child.



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