Chalk. Oh the glorious powder that allows us to grip the barbell oh so tight, that keeps us from flying off the pull-up rig, that makes a dope looking cloud during all the high-fives. It’s been a while since the chalk buckets have been out. You know, trying to do the right thing and all. You’ve had your personal chalk bags for a while, but let’s face it, those tiny ziplocks that you carry around with you hoping to not get pulled over and having to explain that it’s just chalk for the gym just doesn’t feel the same. And the gym doesn’t feel the same without random piles of chalk all over the place because you let your bar ghost ride from overhead and it knocked over the chalk after it hit the rower (yes we know that was you).

Well guess what? The buckets are back and we’re as excited as you are! Now you can rest – I mean chalk up – with ease. Enjoy!

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