Tuesday 200804

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“Goodie Bag”

Complete the following for time:

800 Meter Run

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

40 Toes to Bar

200 Meter Weighted Run 50#/35#

40 Weighted Box Step-ups 50#/35#, 24″/20″

50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

800 Meter Run


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Coach Kyle! 

A Little Bit Of Everything!

Today’s workout has a little bit of everything in it. In this chipper style workout you will be completing some running with and without weight, calories on the bike or rower, toes to bar, and some weighted step ups. While these workouts may seem daunting they are kind of fun because once you are done with one movement, thats it, you are done and you get to move onto the next thing. If you tend to get bored with doing the same movements over and over in workouts, then you probably love chippers. Todays workout will be a little longer so in order to finish within 18-28 minutes, scale any movements you need to. Get in and lets get after this chipper today!

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