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“Get Fit, Save Kids”

Complete the following for time:

400 Meter Run

60 Box Step Ups 24″/20″

60 Push Ups

400 Meter Run

60 Push Ups

60 Box Step Ups 24″/20″

400 Meter Run

*Perform with a vest*


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Crossfit O.U.R., “Get Fit, Save Kids” WOD.

The world is a heavy, heavy place right now. Not only are we living through a global pandemic (did you know) and fighting for social justice and Black lives, but we are also being exposed (many of us, for the first time) to the plight of human trafficking and child exploitation.

Between 14, 500 and 17,500 (“Trafficking in Persons Report,” June 2005) people are trafficked in the United States each year. Not only are those numbers staggering- but, if you are anything like me, much larger than I ever realized. Of the thousands trafficked (Human trafficking is defined as, “modern- day slavery that involves the use of force, fraud, or coersion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.” For those under 18, force, fraud, or coercion do not need to be present. “What is Human Trafficking?” US Department of Homeland Security, Accessed February 27, 2019) each year, 1 in 4 are children (, accessed 8/3/2020).

Right now it might seem like we are powerless when it comes to fighting every challenge we are faced with. I get it. It is daunting and overwhelming to believe we can, in fact, BE THE CHANGE in this broken and mixed up world. Being aware, educating yourself, and finding ways (no matter how small) to help are out there- and most of the time, you don’t even have to look very far.

July 30th was World Against Trafficking Day and CrossFit O.U.R. created this workout to bring awareness to World Trafficking. While completing this workout I would ask that you keep the thousands of children, women, and men ripped away from their families each year. After the workout, I would invite you to visit Operation Underground Railroad, an organization established in 2013 to, “create a path towards freedom,” similar to the Underground Railroad of the mid 19th century [VISIT HERE](

Operation Underground Railroad has rescued 3,800 victims and assisted in the arrests of 2,100 traffickers since their inception in 2013. Please consider donating to OUR on their website (HERE) so they may continue this essential work and save thousands more.

Write up by Coach KV.


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