Monday 200727

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“2k Row”

Complete the following for time:

Row 2000m

Last completed on 7/16/19

“Core Cash Out”

3 Sets:

10 V-Ups

20 Flutter Kicks (3-Count)

30 Second Hanging L-Sit


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Get ready for a 2k row! 

You’ll Get Out What You Put In.

This is a beautiful concept. Nothing is free, nothing is given. It is, however, earned. The daily workouts are just a small example of many opportunities you have on a daily basis to get what you give. Get after it in the gym and you’re likely to get after it everywhere else. The opposite is also true. Today’s workout is very simple. Row 2000 meters. Simple. If you go slow and at a pace that lets you talk to the person next to you, that’s not going hard. That’s going through the motions. And at the end you won’t feel like you accomplished much. However, if you approach today’s 2k row like the benchmark that it is and leave it all out there, then you get something very different. It’s a 2k row either way. You’ll get out what you put in.

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