Wednesday 200610

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“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds of the following for reps:

1 Minute Wall-ball, 20 pound ball 20#/14#

1 Minute Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75#/55#

1 Minute Box Jump, 20″

1 Minute Push-press, 75#/55#

1 Minute Row (Calories)

1 Minute Rest


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Chris is gearing up for some FGB!

FGB Strategy.

FGB is a classic CrossFit benchmark and today many of you will have a chance to PR because you’ve done it more than once. We wanted to give you a strategy to consider that you may or may not have tried. In FGB, there is no transition time between movements. As the clock continues to run you need to move as quickly as possible and get going right away on the next movement. If we’re slow at the transition it costs precious time accumulating reps. That being said, simply saying “transition faster” doesn’t really work. But “transition smarter” does work. What do I mean?

There are 5 movements in FGB and our bet is that if we took a poll of the gym, it would be all over the board as to what movements people like and what movements people hate. We all have goats and our guess is that one of these 5 is one of your goats! So what do you do? Leverage your strengths.

If you know you’re slow at box jumps but can really rep out those light push presses, move on from the box jumps at the 50 second mark. Collect yourself, take a few breaths, and right at the start of the push-press minute grab that bar and get to work. Stay on that bar as long as you can with smart rest and work the entire minute. If in that 10 seconds you left the box jumps you would have only gotten 1 or 2 more box jump reps, but by using the entire minute for the push-press you gain 5 or 6 more reps there, over the course of 3 rounds that would give you 12-15 more total reps. That’s a lot!

Of course for this strategy to work, you have to start that next movement right at the minute. Don’t let this turn into added rest because that will tank your numbers. If it’s been a while since you PR’d FGB, give this a try, it might work for you and if it doesn’t that’s ok too! Good luck today and have fun!

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