Wednesday 200506

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“Macho Taco”

Complete 5 rounds x AMRAP 3:

60 Double Unders

20 Jumping Lunges

Max Rounds of Dumbbell “Macho Man” (50’s/35’s)

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds


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Kyle knows all about lunges!

“Macho Taco” Coming At You!

Cinco de Mayo is spilling over into Wednesdays workout with “Macho Taco”! You will be working for 3 minutes and resting for 1 minute during this 5 round workout today. The goal is to get as many rounds and reps of the “Macho Man” complex each round, the Double Unders and Jumping Lunges are your “buy in” to get into the complex. Keep track of each round because your score will be the lowest of the 5 rounds. Get after this one today!

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Coach Lo with a workout brief for “Macho Taco”. 

Here is a video from Coach Lo explaining the workout. She misspoke and the scoring for the workout is the lowest number of rounds and reps you get for the “Macho Man” complex in 5 rounds. Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to see you guys at either the Nooner Zoom class or the 5pm class!!





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