Wednesday 200408

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“Mashed Potatoes”

Complete the following each for time:

On the 0:00…

5 Rounds of “Strict Cindy”

50 Single Dumbbell Power Cleans

On the 8:00…

4 Rounds of “Strict Cindy”

40 Dumbbell Goblet Squats

On the 16:00…

3 Rounds of “Strict Cindy”

30 Alternating Single Arm Squat Clean Thrusters


“Mashed Potatoes” (No Equipment Version)

On the 0:00…

5 Rounds of “Sindee”

50 Odd-Object Ground to Shoulder

On the 8:00…

4 Rounds of “Sindee”

40 Odd-Object Squats

On the 16:00…

3 Rounds of “Sindee”

30 Odd-Object Thrusters


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Three Part Workout Today.

In today’s workout you guys will be moving through three different parts. Each part is to be completed in under 8:00 timeframes. Ideally the work will be done in 5-7 minutes leaving you with 3-5 minutes of rest. Each part will be timed individually then added up for a total time for your score. You will be entering in three separate times in SugarWOD and it will add up the total time for you so you don’t have to do time math because that is no fun! With each of these parts being around 5+ minutes of work, we don’t want to go at an all out sprint pace. What we are looking for is more of an 85-90% effort or a pace we can see ourselves repeating for all 3 parts. With that built in rest lets shoot for large sets on the dumbbell or odd object today. Have fun with this one and we hope to see you at our Zoom classes!!

Coach Lo with a workout brief for “Mashed Potatoes”. 

Here is a video from Coach Lo explaining the workout for Wednesday. Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to see you guys at either the Nooner Zoom class or the 5pm class!!





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