Friday 191206

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“Outside The Box”

In teams of 2 complete as many rounds as possible in 30:00 of:

10 x 10m Shuttle Sprints, 1 Burpee Box Jump, 24″/20″

10 x 10m Shuttle Sprints, 2 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″/20″

10 x 10m Shuttle Sprints, 3 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″/20″


See below!


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Bright side, no sandbag?

Today we Run…Inside!

We were supposed to run outside today. I was so excited. I love when we run outside in the winter. We already know we’re bad asses but especially so when running 100s in the snow. We really tried to make it happen. Thanks to Tom Sawyer Construction, Incorporated much of the snow and ice has been removed from the parking lot. But as I write this it’s snowing again and even though it’s going to be 60 degrees on Saturday, Friday will still be cold. So a sheet of ice is going to be likely. Damnit! Oh well, shuttle sprints it is. Don’t worry, we’ll run again. Soon.

For today’s workout it’a s you-go/I-go format. Person 1 will run their 10 x 10m then do 1 burpee box jump, then Person 2 will run 10 x 10m and do 1 burpee box jump. The pattern will continue with 2 jumps the next round for Person 1, followed by 2 jumps for Person 2. Easy business!

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