Wednesday 191016

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“Bam Bam”

In teams of 3 complete as many rounds as possible in 25:00 of:

10/7 Cal Bike/Row

10 Ball Slams, 40#/30#

10 Shuttle Runs (10m each)

See below!


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Diana getting that pull-up work in!

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Today’s workout is a sprint interval type throw down. One person will complete a round of the bike/row, ball slams, and shuttles before the next person goes. That means you’ll be getting a 1:2 work to rest ratio. That also means you should go really, really hard when it’s your turn to complete a round. With a longer period of rest than work, we can really push the pace of this thing, which is what we want.

With that, go all in when it’s your turn. The workout may be 25 minutes long, but with 3 of you working and all of that built-in rest, the intensity needs to be high. We’ll see you in there!

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