Thursday 191024

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“Goat Day”

Every Minute on the Minute for 20:00:

Even: Movement 1

Odd: Movement 2

See below!


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Sara with a high, close pull!

Goat Day!

OK we’re a couple of weeks into this and we’ve seen all sorts of movements get practiced the last couple of weeks. And with that we’ve seen people get better at those movements. I know, weird. Know what else? Some of your friends practiced toes-to-bars and then…boom…they showed up in the Open. Perfect! But we’ve also seen some random things chosen by people that aren’t “goats” per se, they’re just things they feel like doing that day versus higher skill movements that need practice for improvement. This is great and all, but it kind of misses the point of practicing something that you need to get better at.

So with that, really think about some movements that you need to get better at versus just picking a couple of movements that you think would make for a great workout. We promise, you’ll get much more out of your time if you do. 


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