Friday 191004

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0:00 – 10:00: 1 Mile Run, Max Clean and Jerks, 135#/95#

10:00 – 13:00: Rest

13:00 – 20:00: 800 Meter Run, Max Power Snatch, 115#/80#

20:00 – 23:00: Rest

23:00 – 27:00: 400 Meter Run, Max Thrusters, 95#/65#

Score is total barbell reps completed.

Compare to 6/1/19.


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There’s a lot of awesome in this pic of Tom!


I freakin’ love this workout. I love everything about it. It’s such a perfect “CrossFit” workout. The dichotomy of the aerobic pieces mixed with the barbell work is amazing. Many will get equal doses of things they love and things they loathe. Some lucky few will get everything they love, but that’s going to be a huge minority. Because thrusters. 

Here are some thoughts on how this should go straight from CompTrain:

First Round

The mile run eats up the majority of this 10 minute window

Push hard to have enough time on the barbell

Once you’re in the door, work through quick singles until the finish

Second Round

The run eats up about half the time of this 7 minute window

Find a similar pace to what you held on the mile run

Once you’re in the door, once again work through quick singles until the finish

Third Round

The run eats up the least time in this final window

Run a little slower to allow yourself to work through big sets on the thrusters

Think 3-4 bigger sets on the barbell to finish things out

Don’t you get the butterflies just reading these strategies?! SHOOT DANG, I love this stuff and I bet you do too! See you in there!

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