Wednesday 190731

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“Ninja Turtle”

Every 4:00 for 5 rounds complete:

3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

6 Toes-to-Bar

9 Deadlifts, 225#/155#

12/9 Calorie Assault Bike/Row

We will stagger heats by 2:00 to accommodate bikes and rowers as needed. 


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Like father like son! These guys definitely got uncomfortable today. And they are better for it. 

Don’t Settle For Comfort!

The comments below are not our own, they are from PJ Nestler, XTP Director of Performance. However, they are accurate, we believe them, and we think that since you go to our gym or are reading this, chances are you believe this too. Let’s keep it in mind as we go out and get after it. 

Comfort is the antithesis of growth

Our biology is programmed to seek comfort to mitigate risk. But in today’s comfortable society, comfort has guided us to the fattest, weakest, sickest, and most unhappy we’ve ever been. Every time you choose comfort you miss the opportunity to adapt to that stressor and grow stronger and more resilient.

Every time you avoid the pain of working out you miss the opportunity to become leaner, stronger, and healthier and place a vote for being fat, weak and sick.

Every time you avoid a difficult conversation you miss an opportunity to strengthen a relationship, truly understand somebody, or develop relational skills that will help you in many areas of life.

Every time you turn on the TV instead of opening that book, sit in the drive through instead of cooking that meal, scroll IG or youtube instead of learning something value, you miss the opportunity to build a skill set that might make the difference 5 yrs from now between beating the other person for that job, promotion or goal.

Every time you numb or ignore your challenging thoughts, beliefs, behaviors or memories you miss the opportunity to sharpen coping skills and overcome obstacles that will continue to unconsciously shape your destiny.

Think back on the past 5yrs and all the times you’ve chosen comfort. Imagine if you had embraced the struggle even half of those times…who would you be today? What would you have accomplished? How would your life be different?

Embrace discomfort.

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