Wednesday 190626

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Complete 5 rounds for time of: 

Run 400m

15 Overhead Squats, 95#/65#

Compare to: 8/18/17, 5/15/15, 4/22/14, 6/21/13, 8/31/12, 11/2/12


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Welcome to Evolve Alysia, we’re happy to have you!!

Benchmark WOD!

Nancy is one of the classic CrossFit “girl” workouts. You can see from the “Compare To” dates at the bottom that we’ve done this a handful of times at CrossFit Evolve. If you’ve done Nancy before, have a look at your previous best time and be sure to smoke it today! If you’ve never done this workout, today you’ll establish a baseline time that you can compare future times with. This is cool because it shows your progress as your time in the gym continues. 

Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be great if you could just look at an app and see what your previous best Nancy time was? Yeah we think that would be great too. Which is why we gave you access to SugarWOD! Haven’t gotten yourself set up yet? Well you’re missing out. It’s time to make it happen. Like right now, before today’s workout. Check out this post on how to do it!

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