Tuesday 190618

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Complete 3 rounds for time of:

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

12 Pull-ups

Compare to: 5/22/17, 8/30/16, 9/7/15, 4/20/15, 4/15/14, 6/17/13, 8/28/12, 10/30/12, 6/13/11, 9/28/11, 8/4/10, 4/19/10


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David getting in some strict pulling work!

Benchmark WOD: HELEN!

Oh Helen. Not the worst of the girl WODs but done correctly she’ll show you how tough she can be!! The goal of this WOD is to go hard. There’s a potential to over-pace this workout because of the 400m run, because we know how you love to run! But this would be a mistake. We need this thing to be kept at a high intensity with minimal breaks. To help with this today we want you to choose loads on the KB swing and variations on the pull-ups that allow you to complete the WOD without more than one break per set.  Why? Because micro sets with rest in between drastically bring down the intensity. We want you to get the right stimulus from Helen and this is a tool that we can use to help with that.

We will explain it thoroughly during the WOD briefing so don’t worry, we’ll have you all dialed in to crush this thing!

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