Monday 190701

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“Fish Out of Water”

Complete for time: 

2000m Row 

Directly into…

10 Rounds of Heavy Chief

1 Round of Heavy Chief is:

3 Power Cleans, 155#/105#

6 Push-ups

9 Air Squats


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We’re going paperless!

Bye Bye Books!

We have some plans in motion for upgrades at the box! It’s time for a little bit of a facelift to keep the gym looking fresh, and we have identified some changes that will make the space better for flow of workouts, maximum utilization of space, and improve aesthetics. We’re really excited about the plans we have, and we think you will be too. Understand that this will be a phased project rather than you walking into a completely revamped space on a Monday morning. It’s going to take some time!

One of the the things that you are all well aware of is our implementation of workout tracking using SugarWOD. Besides for this upgrade making the flow of workouts more efficient (for example on a day with front squats at 75% 1 rep max, your don’t have to spend 5 minutes thumbing through a log book looking for the last time you did a heavy front squat while we wait for you to start the workout!) it’s going to allow us to completely do away with the logbooks. This is good because as part of our plans, we are going to remove the logbook shelves. Don’t freak out!

We understand that many an OG CrossFitter love their composition notebooks filled with all of their workouts. And we’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t continue to use a paper logbook. But we are asking that if you choose to, you keep your logbook with you in your gym bag rather than leaving it at the gym. This gives us the opportunity to revamp the entry way of the gym as part of our planned upgrades.

On Friday July 19th the logbook shelves will be removed. Any logbooks still there will be boxed and kept at the gym for an additional 2 weeks before they are recycled. This gives you a month to grab your logbook if you want it. We know that some of you will miss the logbook culture of the gym and we will too, but we ask that you trust us as we work hard to improve your experience at Evolve!

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