Wednesday 190515

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“Bar Star”

In teams of 3 complete:


50 Back Squats (155/105)

50 Back Squats (185/125)

AMRAP Back Squats (225/145)

Rest 3 Minutes


50 Bench Press (135/95)

50 Bench Press (155/105)

AMRAP Bench Press (185/135)

Rest 3 Minutes


50 Deadlifts (185/135)

50 Deadlifts (225/155)

AMRAP Deadlifts (275/185)


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Welcome Suzie, one of our newest athletes!

Teamwork Wednesday?!?!

You read it right, we have a teamwork WOD for you today! Typically we reserve Saturdays for the team work but today you get some during the week. Team WODs offer us things that the regular daily WODs don’t. There’s typically some built in rest while your partner is working, like today. This means that you have the opportunity to push things a little harder since you know you’re going to get breaks. But the trade-off is often times you’ll push yourself even harder than normal because you’re not only working for yourself, you’re working for your teammate. There’s something undeniable about a team environment and the fact that people will put themselves out there for the sake of the team.

Many of you guys take Saturdays at a rest day, and this means your exposure to team WODs is limited. Today’s your chance to get a taste of it!


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