Wednesday 190327

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Run 1000m

Rest 3:00

Run 800m

Rest 2:00

Run 400m

Rest 1:00

Run 400m

Rest 1:00

Run 400m

Score is the fastest 400m.


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Dumbbells make for great accessorizing!

All The Running!

The goal for today is to throw down some longer running intervals. We know that improving your endurance and stamina through running is important to being well-rounded as an athletes. We want you to be able to squat heavy AND to run fast and long. We want all of the things! Another reason for the running today is that Murph is not that far off. We want to get some longer endurance pieces under our belt before Memorial Day so nobody dies. OK, nobody is going to die, but that final mile of Murph can be pretty miserable if you haven’t been running. And it’s going to be 70 degrees out today, so really, why not. 

We know that running intervals may not feel as sexy as crushing metcons, but we say these days are just as important as all of the others, they’re all part of your overall fitness. Don’t bail on today, get in and get after it!

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