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Complete for time:

30 Back Squats, 225#/155#

Immediately into:

3 rounds of:

60 Double-unders

30 Walking Lunges

We’ll use racks for today with a waterfall start as needed. All back squats need to be finished in 3:00, so choose your load wisely!


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Tools for the day. Except the PVC. Don’t use PVC for back squats today.

Picking Your Squat Weight.

Did you see the squat weight for today? Do you think it’s heavy? Is it light? Just like most things we do, it depends on the individual. Everyone who comes in today is going to have a different opinion on the loading for the day. We’re going to give you two goals for today’s squats: 30 reps and 3:00. We want to see 30 reps completed and we want that done in 3:00 or less. You’ll notice we don’t have a goal for the load. The 225#/155# is the RX weight, but it’s not just about the weight.

For example, the dude who walks in and does 6 reps at 225# in the 3:00 window is going to have a very different workout than the dude who completes 30 reps in that same timeframe. For today we want you to frame your goal around the 30 reps and 3:00, not the weight. Our goal is for everyone to get 30 reps in.

But we don’t want you to completely disregard the loading all together. For example, the girl who does 30 reps at 100# and fights to get it done at 2:45 will have a different experience than the girl who goes way too light, reps out 30 unbroken reps within 60 seconds, and gets a round or two of part 2 in before everyone else finishes their squats. That may be a fast time, but that stimulus isn’t in line with our goals for the day. Make sense?

Our goal as coaches is to preserve the stimulus of the workout. Sure sometimes we’ll encourage you to try a heavier weight or a more complex movement if we feel that’s what you need that day, but that depends on a lot of factors. Scaling load is as much art as it is science, and sometimes we get it right, sometimes we miss. The coaches learn from the times we get it right and learn from the times we’re off. We want you as an athlete to learn from those experiences as well. Think about the squats today and come in with a plan that will let you get 30 reps in 3:00 or less. If you need help, grab your coach, that’s what they’re there for!!

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