Friday 190308

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CrossFit Open 19.3

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Complete for time:

200′ Dumbbell Overhead Lunge, 50#/35#

50 Dumbbell Step Ups, 24″/20″, 50#/35#

50 Strict Handstand Push-ups

200′ Handstand Walk

Time Cap: 10:00

Due to space we will be running heats during all WOD times. We’ll do our best to keep things on track!


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Austin’s ready for Week 3, are you?!

CrossFit Open 19.3.

Here is your third workout of the 2019 Open! Please make sure you check out the workout description on the CrossFit Games page and watch the movement standards below. We’ll brief the workout for you, but coming in understanding what the range of motion standards are as well as having a gameplan will be a good idea!


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