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Complete as many rounds as possible in 7:00 of:

10 Thrusters, 95#/65#

35 Double-unders




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Complete 3 rounds NOT for time

12 Dumbbell bench press

20/20 Standing banded oblique twists (red band)

Share benches as needed. 




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Ryan G with a hard earned deadlift PR!

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Are You Ready for the Open?

It’s almost here! For some the open WODs are just another workout, a time to throw down with friends and get some fitness for the day. For others, the goal is a little different. They want to see what they can do and where they stack up. Either approach is great, you gotta do you! If you take the open on with a degree of seriousness, below is an email sent our from Ben Bergeron and company at CompTrain to help you dial in your mental game for the open!


The first week of the CrossFit Games Open always invites more apprehension than any other week that follows it. As the CrossFit community awaits the announcement of the workout that will kick off the Games season, the collective mood is invariably marked by a kind nervous hysteria that is part excitement and part dread.

For one thing, everything is still on the table; since nothing has been tested yet, 19.1 could be anything. While the days of Dave Castro’s cryptic “hints” on Instagram seem to be a thing of the past, it hasn’t stop thousands of competitors from pouring over Mainsite trying to make deductions about what might be coming.

Will 19.1 be a repeat workout? If so, will it be a repeat from a workout last year, or further back? Will there be rope climbs in the Open this year? There’s been a lot of strict pull-ups on Mainsite recently, does that mean we’ll see them in the Open??

The answers to these questions are, understandably, of great interest to those of us who spend all year preparing for this competition. And yet, no amount of anxious forethought will change the fact that they are, ultimately, out of reach—they join the multitude of other factors that lie beyond our control.

Stressing out about whether rope climbs or strict pull-ups will be in the Open this year can only make you less competitive. Imagine a book of matches. A typical matchbook has twenty matches, and together, they represent all of your energy for the day. Energy is a finite resource; once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. If you burn through your matchsticks on things that are outside of your control, you have less energy for things you can control—things that can actually move the needle on your performance.

As you prepare to take on 19.1 this week, let the hype roll over you and set yourself up for success by focusing on the things you can control.

Decide on the training schedule you will follow during the Open. Dial in your nutrition to the Nth degree. Make sure you’re in bed early this week and get 8 hours of quality sleep each night. When the time comes, decide on a strategy that works for you and focus all your effort on executing it to the letter. Pay attention to your warm-up. Familiarize yourself with the movement standards. Have a plan and a back-up plan for your video. Work on your inner coach—choose an optimistic attitude and tell yourself the right story. These are the things we can control.

At the end of the day, the Open is a test of work capacity. We’ve spent the last year getting extremely fit, and that fitness will carry over to whatever pops up in the 2019 season.

Game on!

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