Monday 181203

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Complete for time:

50/40 Cal Bike

75 Double-unders

150 Walking Lunges

75 Double-unders

50 Burpees

75 Double-unders

We’ll run a staggered start of 4 at a time on the bikes!


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Want to snatch like Lo?

Lo’s Snatch Session!

You may or may not know that Coach Lo is a pretty damn good weightlifter. Like really good. That’s her jam. And she’s really good at coaching weightlifting. And people outside of our gym know she’s good at it. So good in fact that some other gyms have asked her to create some one day workshops to come and give to their athletes. That’s really cool, and what’s also really cool is that she’s not doing that without giving the Evolve crew an opportunity to participate as well. So here you go, Lo’s Snatch Session!

Snatch Seminar

Saturday December 15th from 12-4pm

Cost: $40. No minimum or maximum signups

We will be breaking the Snatch way down beginning with the setup. There will be time in class when weight will be added, but this will mostly be a class where we fine tune every part of the Snatch with just the bar. This class is good for beginners to advanced lifters.

Email Coach Lo at with any questions and to sign up!

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